Discount Hawaiian jewelry

Discount Hawaiian jewelry

Hawaiian Jewelry can be traced back to the monarchs in 1883, when the visited the Royal Courts of England during the Victorian Era. Queen Victoria presented Hawaii's King Kalakua a gold bracelet. It was solid gold designed for Princess Liliuokalani with her name engraved on it. The royal family was so impressed that they started to create their own new designs. During the 60s and 70s, Hawaiian heirloom jewelry became increasingly popular and more and more people came to the islands to purchase it.

Discount Hawaiian jewelry - Today, you will find elegant looking diamond cuts that reflect light beautifully. Hawaiian jewelry is usually engraved, and this helps to protect it from scratches. The jewelry is worn with the engravings facing the person wearing it to give others the opportunity to admire. This type of jewelry symbolizes the everlasting love of the Hawaiians and is given on special occasions as gifts.

Hawaiian jewelry reflects the island's exotic beauty and culture. Besides gold, items produced in Hawaii include pearls, jade and coral. Most of the jewelry reflects the surfing, ocean and sea life and the sheer warmth and beauty of the Islands. Other Heirloom jewelry includes earrings, ankle bracelets, watches, rings, pendants and bracelets. Each piece is usually decorated with Hawaiian motif. The prices of the pieces depend on the karat, thickness and width of the gold. The prices of the gold at the time of purchase also play a significant role, as does the intricacy of the design.


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